Some Insurance Letters

Thank you all for the nice letters and compliments about my insurance information. If you send me an e-mail about my articles, I will publish it here. I will leave your e-mail address and link to your site, if you include them.

Ms. Bayes:    I read your article on the origins of insurance with much delight.  It provided some additional information for me to add to my current lecture on the origins of insurance that I give my own customers.  I'm an insurance agent also, in Ohio.    Several of the historical items you mention are already included in my lecture but there is one that is missing.    My father, who started my agency back in the forties, provided me nearly all of my information on the origins of insurance and his story goes back a little farther than yours.    His starts out with what he said was the real origin of insurance.  This was about 4000 or 5000 BC, which predates any of your origins, in China.    The merchants that were up-river from the ocean on the Yantzee River were having a difficult time getting their goods from the sea ports to their shops because of the pirates roaming the river.  And many of these merchants where put out of business because they lost their entire inventories to these pirates.    They needed to find a way to insure that they did not lose their whole livelyhood at one time.  So they got together and devised a method that would allow them to stay in business.     Each of them had their own ships that they sent to pick pu their goods in and if the pirates picked their ship to assult they lost everythisng.  So, they go together and dicided if they each put a protion of their goods on each others ship the pirates could not capture them all and at least most of their goods would get through..    And with this came about the idea of spreading the risk to help insure that all can survive the worst.    Again I enjoyed your article and would like to have your permission to use it as a link to my webpage for the people that visit it.    If you would give your permission in like form it would be very appreciative.

Thank you

Larry S Hatfield

P.O. Box 489

Oxford, OH  45056-0489



My name is Vance King and I am webmaster for the Tennessee Farmers

Insurance Companies. I am in the process of writing a short article on the

origins of insurance for our corporate intranet. I searched the web and

found your excellent articles.

Do you mind if I use excerpts from your articles in mine?




I am very impressed with your website.

It is extremely useful. I came across it

when I was doing some research for

TAMIC on the history of farm mutuals

in Texas. Can you direct me to any other

sources on this subject?

Dave Talbert

Marketing Manager

Hochheim Prairie Insurance Companies

Ms. Bayes,

Great website!

I am a product manager at ADP-Claims Services Group – we provide claims

services to the insurance and automobile industries. I can't say that I

have anything to offer you directly in terms of services, but wanted to let

you know that I think your site has some great information. If you don't

mind my asking, where did you get your research for Insurance history?

Hope business is going well for you!


Tate Linden

Product Manager – Databases and Infrastructure

Automatic Data Processing – Claims Services Group

Just wanted to say I love your site!  I am an older student in a medical insurance program at a community college, and have been searching the web for history on health insurance for a term paper. I really have not found that much.  I happened on your site and found a good deal of history on insurance in general.  It was very helpful.   I will have to stop by again when time allows, you have a lot of great links and midis.  Thanks for the info. 
Phyllis Leitman
Pittsburgh, PA

I've linked your site to ours.  Hope that is OK.